October 2, 2008

Chocolate Overload

All I have to say is that I Love chocolate. LOVE chocolate. It’s pretty bad. This is a coffee- chocolate cake I made in class. Around the edge is ribbon sponge. It has layers of chocolate cake, coffee-chocolate ganache, and chocolate bettercreme®. Mmm chocolate overload. I currently have a stomachache from my consumption of this dessert…or overconsumption I should say. *holds stomach* So worth it.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate overload is a good thing! I love that this has lots of chocolate bettercreme!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, my favorite flavors, chocolate, coffee, buttercreme, I love chocolate. Unfortunately, I can only indulge once or twice a year because alas I am a diabetic. Mr. and Mrs. L (my children) indulged me on my birthday! Roz

Anonymous said...

Oh my stars, could this get any better...thanks for dropping by my blog...and congrats on yours!


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