March 30, 2011

A year and some change.....

Nope. Not going to deny it. I am the worst blogger in the history of blogging. How long has it been? A whole year and a few months? Let's do an update..

  • The beginning of last year, I had to cut ties with the company I was working for. It was an unhealthy relationship and I came home feeling down everyday. Plus, payroll wasn't getting paid. 
  • I am now going on almost a year as an assistant pastry chef for a four star,four diamond hotel and I LOVE my job.
  • I fell in love and moved into an apartment with my beau. Hopefully he will let me post about him on here. 
In addition to my full time job, I am slowly doing cakes as a side business and here are a few things I have done.


Anonymous said...

welcome back. :)

and those cupcakes look very cute. the shoe looks awesome too! :)

guess who? hehe :)

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I'm glad that you are moving on to your life and you moved to a new job. I hope I can taste some of your pastries.


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