August 10, 2009

Sweet Potato,Crab, and Corn Soup

Every year, I come across different flavor combinations that I’ve never heard of. When you hear the name, you think “wow”, that is going to taste very..interesting. But you try it and it’s all you crave.I wonder if any famous food combinations were considered “interesting” at first.

Peanut butter and jelly?

Sweet and sour chicken?

Cheddar cheese and apple pie? (ok, I admit. I have yet to try this combination)

The combination of sweet potatoes and crab is one that I heard while in school. A classmate told us he was planning on making this soup and we all were skeptical on the outcome, but were amazed once we had our first taste.

Now that I think back to this day, I wonder how many flavor combinations I’ve missed out on.

Do you have any favorite flavor combinations that are considered “interesting”?

Sweet Potato, Crab, and Corn Soup

2 tbs. olive oil

1/2 cup diced white onion

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 cups medium diced sweet potatoes

2 quarts chicken stock

1 cup fresh or frozen corn

1 lb. crab meat

1/2 cup minced parsley

Salt and pepper

Heat a large pot over medium heat and add olive oil. Add onions and sauté until translucent. Add minced garlic and sauté for 30 seconds.

Add sweet potatoes and chicken stock. Let simmer until potatoes are tender, about 15-20 minutes. Blend soup using an immersion blender or blender. Add corn, crab meat, and parsley. Heat thoroughly. Season to taste.


Jenn said...

Looks good. Almost like a chowder. Crab and corn go well together.

Anonymous said...

looks wonderful! How was it? You didn't say...

How many bowls would this amount make?

I think my kids mike like it (okay....and me too). :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a delicious combination of flavors! I've had a corn and crab combo before and I bet sweet potato is very complimentary here. Did you like it?

V.Streit said...

oneshotbeyond: It makes roughly 6 bowls. I loved it! The flavors go so well together.

5 star foodie: One of my fave soups now.I'm a big fan of seafood soups.

Unknown said...

This soup sounds really good!

The Duo Dishes said...

Try cheddar in your apple pie. It is SO good. So good.

The soup sounds great. Of course it features one of our absolute faves: sweet potato!

Michelle from Taste As You Go said...

This soup sounds so delicious! I can't wait to try it!


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