January 10, 2009

Winding Down With Juliet's Kiss

I suck at this whole keeping up with my blog thing. These past few weeks, I've been staying at my parent's for the winter break. The internet there is not very reliable and I haven't really cooked anything worth talking about. Well unless you want me to talk about chicken nuggets and spaghetti. I'm talking frozen chicken nuggets and jarred sauce. Yeah, I know. B-O-R-I-N-G. Now I am back at school for my last quarter. Excited? Somewhat.

but anyways....

So I'm from Michigan. At least this is the state I've lived the longest in, so I guess I'm a Michigander. I've driven in the snow for a few years now and have learned how to properly drive in this weather. I always assume that other people know how to drive just as well, but I guess that's where I go wrong. It was snowing pretty hard on the highway, so I reduce my speed and turn on my headlights. It was snowing so hard that you wouldn't see a car until you were at a two cars length away from them. If they have their lights on, then it's a three car length. Just enough to reduce your speed enough not to crash into them. Of course some people don't believe in headlights, but do believe in braking every 3 seconds. Cmon people! It was a 4 hour drive and I needed to unwind when I got home. After finishing up and turning in homework assignments,I took a long, hot shower until it ran cold. Afterwords, I put on a kettle of water and decided on a glass of tea. Blooming tea has always fascinated me. It's definitely something you enjoy once in awhile. Blooming teas are basically tea leaves wrapped in a bundle. When added to hot water, the bundle blooms and displays a beautiful flower. This evening's selection was Juliet's Kiss from Primula Teas. The smell from the tea was very therapeutic. It smelled flowery, but did not taste flowery (Bonus!). I found a 3 pack at Target. If you ever come across these products in a store and you're a fan of tea, I'd definitely pick one up. If only just for the fun of watching it bloom.

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