July 2, 2008

In the spirit of the season....

...I thought I should honor the grilling season with an entry. Every weekend in this town, there are more than a few families out grilling and having a good time. It's the summer tradition. When I was younger and living in florida, my family would always have bonfires and at times we would grill. All of my parents friends and the neighbors would come over and we would all have a good time. The smell of coals burning has always brought back good memories as it does for a lot of people. I have since moved away from home to pursue a degree in culinary arts. Surprisingly, being at culinary school hasn't left much time or motivation to cook for myself at home. Luckily tho, I met someone who was interested in trying different types of food and practicing cooking techniques outside of school. One day, we headed to the fish market to pick up something interesting. There we found shark. We both have never eaten shark before, so it was definetly a culinary venture for both of us. We picked up two shark steaks and fresh corn. My friend put the seasonings on the shark. I'm really not sure what seasonings she put on it. With the shark, we grilled ears of corn as a side. I was a bit taken back by the flavor and texture of the shark. The texture was light, yet very muscular. You are definetly getting your money's worth in the amount of meat. The flavor of the meat was a bit sour for my tastes. I'm not sure if that was because of the seasonings used or if it really was the meat. i will definitely have to try it again and make sure I know what seasonings are going on it. Here are a few pictures of our cookout.

Not sure what the next project, but i have a feeling it may have something to do with gumpaste.

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